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tenoning machine

Tenoning Machine with Regular Chuck No. 700

The easy way to cut the dowel. Flexible chuck
centers the cue accurately. Regular chuck
takes cues from 11 to 15mm.
Special chuck available for cues from 9 to
12 mm. Two removable cutting blades. Side
cutter shapes the dowel and small base cutter
creases the cue to form a clean-cut, perfectly
centered dowel for your point.
Replacement blades available. Size of dowel
regulated with adjustable screw. *NOTE: Spare chuckis sold seperately also new tenoning machine has a rubber grip!

rapid sander

Rapid Cue Top Sander No.212

Sands the top of the cue, forming a flat base for the cue tip.

A rugged device that will last indefinitely.

Tweeten Topper No.216

Prepares a flat base for attaching the tip. Every Cue owner should have one.

Plastic Cue Clamp No.288

The perfect tool for attaching cue tips.

Simple to use and exerts just the right amount of pressure
to make the tip stick perfectly.

Plastic Band No.289

Long–Life, elastic band replacement for No.288

Cue Repair Kit No.750

Contains;1 Tube of the NEW Tweeten SB Glue
2 Triangle Chalk Pieces,
3 Small Black & Green Spots, 2 Large Black and White Spots,
12 Economy Cue Tips, 1 Cue Tip trimmer and extra sand
Paper, 1 Cue Clamp, 1 Mender.

Metal Trimmer No.27

A concave metal garnet paper holder for shaping
and forming the tip. Has looped edges to hold the
paper and prevent cue marking.
Black plastic holder, concave and
made to hold the sandpaper in place.

Refills No.29


Tefco Master Spots No. 59

Pressure Sensitive, Self Adhesive,
Cloth material. Sturdy, long-lasting
spots. Edges will not collect lint or
dirt. Causes least inference with
billiard play.

Fiber Block NO.192

For tapping-in featherstrips.

2”x 5” x 5/8”

Master Velvet Glide Talc No. 150T

Master Velvet Glide cone talc is there when you need it.

For those who like to be able to take care of a perspiring hand quickly, our cone talc is the perfect answer.

Simply rub your hand up and down the cone for easy application.

Plasco – Cement NO.234

For repairing bed slate 24 bags to carton.

Adjustable Forks Bit NO.436

Tweeten Fork Bit Wrenches are made of malleable iron with hardened, removable steel points.

Rubber – Covered Metal Grips No.47

Rubber–covered to avoid marking the table.
String insert for attaching to the table.

Braided Cord No.54

Replacement cord for chalk grips. 100 yds